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Welcome to the Waterloo Konnection...
Please feel free to browse around the station. You will observe that we have four Departure Platforms; these are the Kinks, Ray, Dave, and Resources Platforms, and from them you may visit hundreds of amazing Kinks-related websites on the internet. As your Stationmaster, I shall endeavour to maintain the highest quality of public transport. These links aren't only gripped...they're sorted
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365 Earth Conscious Celebrities's Ray Page
Addicted To Noise's HAPPY BIRTHDAY Ray Davies
ARTISTdirect's Ray Davies Message Board
Auntie Virgin's Ray Davies Horoscope Snippet
Billboard article Ray Davies Picks Kinks Tracks For Retrospective
Boston Globe's Preservation Preview by Jim Sullivan
CDDB's Ray Davies Listing
Classic Rock's Review of Ray's Knoxville Show
Clickmusic's Ray Page
Daniel's Invitation To Ray
Darren Kerr Reviews Ray's Vogue Theatre show
Dave Hamm's Review of Ray Davies in Madison
Dave Mandl's Review of X-Ray
Dave Veitch's Ray Article (Calgary Sun)
Excite Music's Ray Davies Profile
G. Emmerson's Ray Photo
Gap-Tooth.Com? Who might be there?
Gary Eskow's Mix Interview - Ray Davies 8-98
GetMusic's Ray Davies Page
Gorge Fiala's Essay Ray Davies Tunesmith
Graham Trott's Cool Ray Davies Photo
Greg Cahill's Ray Article (MetroActive Music)
hob.com - Ray Davies KCRW Interview (real audio)
Ink Nineteen's Ray Davies Review
iVenus's Profile of Ray Davies
J's Boot Trade Ray Davies List
Jane Stevenson's Ray Article (Toronto Sun)
Jay Lincoln's Ray Davies Caricature
John Falstaff's Phone Interview With Ray
John Falstaff's Ray Article Atlanta Music Cover Story & Index
Lisa Kristal's Ray Davies Photo
Lloyd Jansen's X-ray Review
Lyndsey Parker's Ray Davies Review (Wadsworth Theater)
Martin Benjamin's Ray Davies Photo
Melissa Huffsmith's Ray Photo
Michael Evans' Ray Interview (The Oregonian)
MTV's Influences featuring Ray (videos)
Norwood Price's Ray Davies Photo
Paramount Artist Archive Ray Davies (audio interview)
Patrick MacDonald's Ray Article (Seattletimes.com)
Peter Grainger Reviews An Evening with Ray Davies
Phil's Ray Painting
Ray Davies - Official Web Site
Richard E. Aaron's Astounding Ray Davies Photograph
Rob Walker's Site's Chat With Ray Davies (New Times LA)
Seth Rogovoy's Ray Davies Article
Ted Anthony's Ray Interview (News-Times Music News)
Tomothy Keirnan's Ray Article Libertarian Theory
VideoFlick's Ray Davies Film List
Virtual Sharyn's bit 'o Ray gossip, er trivia
Walter Tunis' Ray Davies Article (Lexington Herald-Leader)
Will Lee's Ray Davies Photo
Yahoo! Clubs rayddavies
Yancy Yohannon's Ray Interview


2000 Guitars' Dave Davies Website
antiMUSIC's Rock Bottom Review (scroll down)
Artist Direct's Dave Davies Message Board
Brad Kava's Dave Interview (News-Times Music News)
Brett Milano's Dave Article (Boston Phoenix)
Canoe Has Two Dave Davies Articles!
Chad Bowar's Bottom Line Review (Suite101.com)
Chris Macias' Dave Review (Digimag)
Consumable Music's Unfinished Business Blurb
Dan Epstein's Dave Article (BAM)
Dave Davies - Free MP3 Downloads
Dave-Designed T-Shirts!It's For A Good Cause!
Doug Cornell's Bottom Line Review (AMP3.com)
Ed Condran's Dave Article (Record Online)
FANSITES.COM's Dave Davies Page
Flying V's Dave Davies Page
Glyn Emmerson's Bottom Line Review
HitSession Reviews Dave Davies
Irma Thomas' Dave Review
Jeff Peden's Dave Scrapbook
Joann Ball Reviews Unfinished Business
John Falstaff's Dave Article (Music Manic)
Ken Zebbyn's Dave Interview (Stubble)
Mac Randall's Unfinished Business Review (Launch)
Mark Feldman's Unfinished Business Album Review
Martin Hudson's Unfinished Business Article
Noah Wane's Unfinished Business Review (Splendid E-zine)
Partha Mukhopadhyay's Unfinished Business Review (AMZ)
PauseAndPlay's Review of Unfinished Business
Readers Index Dave Davies Author Page
RIP and ROCK Dave Interview
Rock n World's Bottom Line Review
Rock Online Dave Bio
RollingStone Interviews Dave Davies
Shawn Perry's Review of Rock Bottom Live At The Bottom Line
Sit 'n Bull Website
Steve Dougherty's Review of Unfinished Business
Transcript of Dave Davies Rock Online Chat
Winston Smith's Dave Review
Yahoo! Clubs davergdavies


Andy Munro's Kinks Offerings

ARTISTdirect Network's Kinks Offerings
BigCD.com's Kinks Offerings
CD Universe's Kinks Offerings
CHEAP-CD's Kinks Offerings
Chris' Album Cover Art Kinks Offerings
eatsleepmusic.com's Kinks Offerings
EMusic's Kinks List of Available Albums
EuromusicWEB's Kinks Songbooks
EuroPostershop's Kinks Offerings
Excalibur cd&video's Kinks Offerings
Hall Movie's Kinks Offerings
Intoxica's Available Kinks Records
J's BootTrade Kinks Offerings
Kinks Collector Items
Kinks Music Books from Axis Music
Koichi Nishisu's Kinks CD-R Listings
Music For a Song's Kinks Offerings
Music Machine's Kinks Offerings
Music Sojourn's Kinks Listings
MusicBooks Plus Offers The Kinks Well Respected Men
NetBeat's Kinks Offerings
Opal Music's Kinks Offerings
Paul Weller's Bootlegs Kinks Offerings
Reprise Records' Kinks Offerings
Rhino Records Presents The Kinks on Shindig!
Rockin' World's Kinks Offerings
The Posterpad's Kinks Offerings
Total Recall's Kinks Offerings
VideoFlick's Kinks Listing
Wherehouse Music's Kinks Offerings

Platform A: THE KINKS
The 60's Diary's Something Else Review
60sWeb's Kinks Record Sleeve Collection
7-inch Collector's Kinks Discographie (German)
99 octane's - la musique Kinks
A Russian Kinks Page
ActiveGuitar.com's Kinks Tablature List
Addicted-To-Noise's Mick Avory Birthday Salute!
All Music Guide's Kinks Page
Alt.Fan.Kinks on Deja News
Am I Right? - Misheard Lyrics, The Kinks
Anton Cervin's Kinks Mini-Discography
Apeman's World for Kinks Fans
ARROW 93FM's Kinks Page
ARTISTdirect's Kinks Bio (UBL)
BandHunt.com's Kinks Page
Bass Tab Dot Net's Kinks Listings
Beatles vs. Kinks! Beatlesonline.com's Message Board
Big Black Smoke
Birdpage's Article The Kinks Reissued & Reinvented
Catharton Musicians' Kinks Links
ClickMusic's Kinks Page
Clipland's Kinks Video Database
Collins' Oldies Website The Kinks
Daniel Kihl's Kinks Story
Danny's Kinks Tablatures
Dave Emlen's The Kinks Website
Doug Hinman's Rock n' Roll Research Press
E! Online's Kinks Listing
Early 80s Song of the Week The Kinks
Electric Druid's Psychedelic Kinks Page
Encyclopedia Britannica's Kinks Article
Epinions.com - Reviews of Kinks Music
Excite Music's Kinks Summary
Excite UK's Kinks Page
Eyenear's YRGM review
Galaxy's Kinks Links
Gary Hartman's Kinks discography and personnel list
Geoff's Northern London Kinks Tour
George Starostin's Kinks Reviews
Gnutella's List of Kinks MP3s
Golden Age of the Kinks
Harmone.com's Kinks Links
Harmony Central?OLGA Index KINKS
Helge's Kinks-Seite(n)
Hi-Fi's Russian Kinks Page
hip online profiles The Kinks
In the 80s Kinks Page
Jay Siekierski's MoFi Kinks review
Jayme Lynn Blaschke's Unofficial United KinksDom
John Dalton's website
John Falstaff's Pieces of the Pye
Ken Jackson's Kinks Photos
Keno's Classic Rock's Kinks Bio
Kinks Bootleg
Kinks Bootleg Database
Kinks Collector Items
Kinks Mp3s
Kinks, The Forum Frigate
Kinkymania (Japan)
Koichi Nishisu's Kinks CD-R Listings
Konketsu's VGPS Review
KPS Song of the Week List
La web de los Kinks !
Let's Go Fishin's Kinks Listings
Livingeye's Kinks Filmography
Loud Bassoon's Review of Muswell Hillbillies
Lyrics Universe's Kinks lyrics listing
Lyrics World - Kinks listing
Making Time's Kinks Page
Making Time's Review The Kinks- Something Else
Mark Haley's Kinks Adventures
Marsch's Rockpalast Kinks Archive (German)
Maryann Price's Page
Michael's Kinks Gallery
MIDI-Zone.com's Kinks Midis
MIDIllennium's Kinks Midis
Midiphile's Kinks Midis
Mp3.com's Kinda Like Those Kinks
Mr. Featherly's Kinks Reviews
MusicSearcher.com VOTE The Kinks links page
Musthear's KINDA KINKS Review
NewMediaMusic.com's Come Dancing Article
Oldies BUT Goodies - Kinks Page
Onlinet's Kinks midi index
Open Here's Kinks Links
Oyvind Ronning's The Kinks - Dagbladet
Panda Underground The Kinks (French)
Pitchfork Reviews Preservation Act 2
PJ's Chord and Lyrics Site's Kinks Listings
Ready Steady Go Reviews the Kinks Debut Album
Rob Kopp's Homepage
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Kinks Page
Rock News Dios Salve a The Kinks
ROCKnPOP.com's Kinks Page with Bill Blackmon's description
RollingStone.com's Kinks A to Z
Sean Elder's Salon article Dedicated Followers of Passion
Shake It Up's Brett Essler Writes About The Kinks
sixtiespop's Kinks listing
Sound Info Live's Review - The Kinks at the Mayflower
StarPulse The Kinks Bio
Synthesis's CD Review of Come Dancing With The Kinks
Tabspider's Kinks Tablature List
Tapestry Of Delights' Kinks Discography
Temple of Tabs Kinks Tablature list
The Kinks - Launch.com Artist Information
The Kinks Bootleg Database
The Kinks on Pye
the Kinks photos by Chris Walter
The Vines Network's To The Bone Review
Thomas Adam's Kinks Page
ThrottleBox's Kinks Page
Tim Stegall's 'Lil Green Aggravation Society
Tomas' Kinks Project
Top Earth Conscious Celebrities The Kinks
UK Festival Archive's Kinks Page
UnplugNOW.net's Kinks Tablature list
Wall of Sound Review Come Dancing Best of the Kinks 1977-1986
Wall of Sound Review To the Bone
Watch the To the Bone video on CheckOut
Well Bred Englishman (Geoff Lewis)
WholeNote.com's Kinks Tablatures
Wilson and Alray's Kinks Reviews
Yahoo! Broadcast of Preservation Act Two
Yahoo! Music The Kinks
Yesterdayland Pop Music's Kinks Page
Zeal.com's Kinks Links
The Waterloo Rail and Polling Company
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Ray Davies
Dave Davies
Peter Quaife
Mick Avory
John Dalton
John Gosling
Andy Pyle
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Gordon Edwards
Ian Gibbons
Bob Henrit
Mark Haley

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